It’s like two lovers. He gives her verses, she gives him melodies. They push off together on a trip through harmonies. Those two lovers are Louis Juckovich and his music. They are Castaway Souls.

If you try to imagine growing up by the river, in a small European industrial town, in the end of the 20th century… in the time when friends were made according to musical intrests, when cell phones and public networks of cyber space were not the rulers of teenagers’ lifes, but instead of those, their best playmates were football, bicycle and guitar, and the most important thing was to be creative… you’ll be on the right way to understand the protagonist of this musical story.

In the Castaway Souls’ catalogue there are compositions of various musical styles that have been written since the mid eighties until nowadays. Inspired by the events and people from real life and the time they were written. They speak about childhood, youth and maturing, about life with band, traumas and frustrations, about love, desire and hope, about politics, war and tribulations. They are the document of small personal stories and big historical moments. Journey through time, growing up and emotions. They will take you to various places, to diverse happenings and you will surely find a bit of yourselves in them.


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