Louis Juckovich is a songwriter and a poet, born in Croatian town of Sisak. At his early age he discovered tendency towards music and started learning to play different instruments. Guitar was the one that caught his biggest attraction. For his seventh birthday he was given his first real and tunable acoustic guitar, along with a pile of single records. The Beatles’ Come Together/Something became his favourite. ˝It was a moment I got infected by the terrible disease known as rock’n’roll, that soon became chronic.˝ A year and a half afterwards, with two of his schoolmates, he founded his first band. Since all of them brought guitars to their first rehearsal, Juckovich decided to do his best and tried the drums.

He started composing at elementary school, fascinated by music of The Beatles, Eagles and Dean Martin. Later on, in his musical progress, he got acquainted with work of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Iron Maiden, Wishbone Ash, The Doors, Bad Company who influenced him a lot and in a way formed him as an author. There are a few more artists that he says, impressed him and taught him a great deal: Deep Purple, Alannah Myles, The Cult, T. Rex, The Police, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar Mellencamp, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Mr. Big.

As the years passed by, Juckovich collaborated and played with many musicians until the end of 2011, when he devoted himself completely to his own artwork.

Castaway Souls has released two promotional CDs so far. One LP named ˝Demons From The Attic˝, on May 10th 2014, and one EP named ˝I’ll Be Flying Tonight˝, on October 30th 2014.

This web site aims to promote music and poetry. It’s purpose is to acquaint audience and the profession with Castaway Souls’ art. As Castaway Souls is not a band yet, but a home for many aspects of Louis Juckovich’s personality, so these releases should not be observed as albums, but as song-books without any outline ideas, or simply, as folders containing certain amount of recorded minutes of musical and lyrical expressions by one author. Considering that, Castaway Souls will welcome all interpreters-performers of these materials; instrumentalists, reciters and above all, singers. And if someone happens to like these recordings in the way they have been created, let those people feel free to broadcast them on their air.

During the period of making these CDs, as he says, Juckovich had a time of his life, composing, playing, making rhymes, producing, creating CD covers… He will keep doing this in the search for his own place on a stary sky.

Castaway Souls is working on two new releases for the year of 2015, as it was in 2014, it is going to be one LP + one EP.