Whirlwind… I’m running through the quagmires… delusion
Withdrawal of toy soldiers made of shining bronze

Fear is dancing in that eye
Grim Reaper’s coming here to slay
Doomsday’s dawning, darkness ends
You will never get away
Fall of nothingness

Rapture suffocates me in a glimpse of hope
The devil chases me through woods and hollow fields

I feel like I’m flying
Grim Reaper’s coming here to slay
Yesterday’s crying
You will never get away
I hear my heart’s pounding
Grim Reaper’s coming here to slay
Tomorrow tears the dark
You will never get away


Every day this weakness rules the game
Takes me down to misery
Deadly fear doesn’t let me sleep
Makes me lose my sanity

What is gonna be with all our precious nights
Why did they vanish like a fog
Each time we got to fight I was making the same mistake
You never learned what word love means

Now I’m standing
With all my broken dreams
On the edge of lunacy
Yeah, I could crush this bird inside
Never meant to fly so high
You would not be there to see

Heaven knows I’ve tried so hard to be
The kind of man she wanted bad
I gave my heart to every small detail
And now she’s only a memory

Wouldn’t it be very nice to dive into the life
To keep each other warm when it snows
But I ended up on the cross for all the sins I’ve done
And by the way, she cheated on me


Shellie wanted future and diamonds
Seven wonders, all in her pocket
She would sacrifice everything
Daddy’s secret, to take her to stardom

Shellie wanted magazine covers
Public eye to focus on her steps
Her smile to make Hollywood rumours
Purple carpets for walkin’ those long legs

No Shellie,
Trouble is what you get
When you wave your flower
With dirty hands up your thighs
You’re gonna lose it,
No Shellie, come home

Shellie hung on to promises she was given
In the name of young girl’s good looking
Words of honor build the garden of Eden
Who would think of anything smaller

Shellie was in need of a shelter
‘Cause media has aimed for a story
Nobody had noticed her sadness
In the time preceding the glory

No Shellie Trouble,
Now you must walk undercover
Heaven knows you had to bleed
For your cause but…
No Shellie, go home


Oh my brother would you help me
I’m falling into the dark abyss under my feet
I’ve lost my sea in the sandstorm
I’ve been cursed by the stroke of my destiny
And I’ve been…. blind

He was just a humble man
With the Bible in his hands
Tryin’ hard to make ends meet
He never much complained

And then one day the devil came
He stole away the night
Left him just with Jesus
But with no hope in his sight
Sorry God, but he didn’t mean it

Blinded by the lies about absolution
He grew up in faith
Poisoned with the secrets of the ancient times . . .
His Saviour was too late

No one knew what he was gonna do
Flooded up with rage
Thirty years with no miracle
Put him into the cage

Strange force drove him down the line
There was no turning back
He became a prisoner
With the noose tied ‘round his neck
Sorry God, but he didn’t mean it


You never know what tomorrow brings
Never know what’s gonna be the bed at night
Bright blue mornings don’t always knock on your eyelids
Sweet dreams and lullabies never go your way

From time to time breeze calls out loud your name
That charming music of the night
Your little ship gets ready for the high tide
Don’t let it sink that day

Carry your load like the bravest soldier – nothing or all
In your hand wild rose that never ever withers, come on, refrain

Out in the wild all alone again
Straight between the eyes now
You’ve gotta aim to please
Fly away with those sparks so bright
Kiss the sky

You never know what would bring out trying
Never know if your luck’s gonna let you down
Day by day you get the feeling that victory’s coming
That cosy notion ‘bout enough fish is in the pond

Mighty verse wears vivid colours
Sweet-talking has been, oh, heaven-sent
So, you don’t need to be afraid of bruising
Somehow it’s gonna come out right tonight

Carry your load like the bravest soldier – nothing or all
In your hand wild rose that never ever withers, come on, refrain

Out in the wild on your own again
Straight between the eyes now
You’ve gotta aim to please
Fly away with those sparks so bright
Burn the sky


From out of the sad place in the gloomy distance
Where God refused to feed blood-hungry mouths
They came to light with sudden flood from hell
Knowing not what misery smells like

Another place, scary scenes
…The press had filled them up with lies…
A little girl with no name
Bleeds before the blind world’s eyes

The homeless ones in the ghetto
Fight their way through hunger and disease
They were promised peace by bloody paper
Innocent men’s blood has stained it all

All for freedom
All we need is a sign from above
All for freedom
To carry us boyond unseen
More new graves
Who could stand a thousand more graves
Crying won’t break these walls
And crying mothers staring through the walls

Some stupid Force just got in the way
Hatred right about to burst
Politicians lie about that resolution
Old man’s deeds just turned out for the worst

A helpless man, alone out in the gutter
Dies before he knows what he did wrong
Bitter enemy did not surrender
Television says we must be strong

No, we won’t run away into the unknown
‘Cause history would bury us alive


Sirens call for riot
Last chance of out times
To overthrow the meager
To swing victorious chimes

Trenches need the heroes
Soil will be soaked with blood
Traitors, our only menace
Armed their shaky squad

Spirit must be high
To impose democracy
We better hold the line…

Start the game
All we need’s the icon of freedom
Taste some pain
Everybody wants to be crowned

Start the game
Tyranny is our only fashion
Say the name
The biggest poltroon will be the king

Moles are easy target
Like pidgeons made of clay
We’ll glorify survivors
Casualties, no way

This hour’s for choosing your colors
Defend them at prime time
It’s a matter of your honor
Let’s legalize the crime


When nightfall touches the sunny crowd on the streets of this town
When stars go whispering gently to the clouds, sweet dreams
We follow the beat of tom-toms, the night is young
Everybody feels the rhythm, time belongs to us
Voice from the heart we salute you

Tonight’s the night to get away from every day’s rush
This life’s become a boring place, let’s take a free ride
I’m taking you out to no place on earth
Where everybody hangs to feeling, no need to be lonely
At after hour you know we could be back home

Ooh, is this the night in heaven
Don’t tell me it’s just a dream
Ooh, be my barefoot angel
Bring me the light of happiness
We dance through the night
like a dawn will never come

Your hair in love with the petals of spring… odoury sign
Breathe all your loving into me, I’m a flame and you’re mine
Lips bathed in a potion made of sweet summer sighs
All we need is a true emotion, red wine and the dark
I promise you everything will be like in dreams


I like taste of honey on your kissing lips
And I do love your eyebrows when you’re angry with me
Autumn ends, what can we do about tomorrow…
Try not to say goodbye?!

Early snow’s falling down like led on us
No, don’t be mad at me for I can see
My lies, your pride did us apart
But I know, there’s no reason to be sad

I like taste of honey when I think of you
When this pain like a bad fortune makes me feel so blue
You were proud, I was blind, didn’t see it coming
Most of me died that night

Sorrow makes my lonely nights too long
Nothing can bring you back to me now
It’s all gone for good, I must be strong
Hearts broken, end of story, veils fallen down
All that’s left is the taste of honey to remind me of you


My father’s roots deep within me
Haunting me forever in my nightmares
Empty room crammed with memories
Better days were never meant to meet me
Solitude’s my muse

Rainy day brings cloudy thoughts
What I can do tomorrow I will leave today
Old men talk about time of bravery
But I don’t need nobody’s wise preaching
So I ask myself instead

Wouldn’t you like to break the spell
That’s biting on your soul
While guards are sleeping
Heaven holds the innocent
Hell awaits for those who know
how to be free

Growing up by the river banks
Made me home sick every time I’d leave
Childhood dreams fled away so soon…
They found a better place for me to be
Reality’s my new home

Hopelessness came here to stay
This youth became my dungeon, now I’m doomed
Heritage that silly thing
Drags me down this road of no returning
So I tell myself again

Wouldn’t you like to break the spell
That’s biting on your soul
While guards are sleeping
Heaven holds the innocent
Hell awaits for those who know
about dying free

And when your fate is calling
Will you be riding with the wind
Will you be just a trembling shadow
Or will you be the one who wins


Through the storm of envy we flew into friendly place
Just to see the sundown relaxed in the bay of hope
All we needed was nothing
Only air, just to breathe it slow
No matter what they say or think about us
We always keep to be ourselves

All the way to kingdom come
Down the Gipsy road
Over valley of death again
Till we burn to the bone

If you try real hard you’ll see
Secret dreams do come true over night
Be no shy, take your time

Miracles come to life heaven knows
When your stars blaze the light in the sky
All good wishes make sure that you have
Good fortune for always

From the fiery nights we came into slow zone
Just to dance at sunset, boozy, with the palmtree shades
Some people said we were crazy
The others tried to help us out
Disgrace they put us into just for joke
Only made us stronger instead

After many years we spent in danger
Searching for a better life
What we’ve found is only
Broken promises and lies


So, may I introduce myself
But know, I won’t be glad to spoil your day
I won’t make a boast of my suicidal nature
To tell you the truth,
I was the only living man
Who stood through the flood and fire

I have tried to walk on water
I have burned my flesh to the bones
When they wanted blood, they’ve got it
Still they want my soul, but…
Not in this life

By the time we get there
world will be burning
Not in this world
Hurricanes will scatter our
souls all around
Not in this lifetime
Memories will soon cease to inspire
Until we die
Future will forget our past

They said our time was yet to come
But kept on hiding truth behind their lies
Within a spin of the earth they made entire nation poor
To be honest now
It ain’t easy to come out
And raise the flag to die under

I have tried to see the meaning
I have screamed inside without a voice
And then they’ve promised brave new world
In one full moon round, but…
Not in this life


Can you feel the season’s changing
Sign of love takes you right to the thrill
Yeah, we could climb with sunshine
Straight up and down your hill

You’ve been hiding for such a long time
All that pain made you lonely inside
And now it seems just so right
Disappear with me
Into unknown tonight

Let me take you away
From the dark clouds
That won’t let you see the daylight
I wanna show you my way
To the land of dreams come true,
To a fairytale that welcomes me and you

Let me take you away
From the dark clouds
That won’t let you see the daylight
I wanna show you my way
To a better time and place
Where candid smile belongs to every face

I can feel your heart is yearning
For a life you have always dreamed of
We both know he’s not worth it
God damn that fate of us all

Now imagine secret place
And you and me chasing bad luck away
It’s gonna be like magic
Take that chance, it’s free
We’ll be as one one day

If ever comes the day you’d stumble
You shouldn’t be afraid at all
Then you should know that we would rumble
Yeah, we would scream and rock an’ roll


Is there any chance for you
to come into my world of dreams
It’s written in the stars,
that after sun goes down I need a glimpse of your light
Underneath this sad sky

This waiting made me too numb to feel
the pain of falling down the slopes of my life
Emptiness of lonely evenings
made me grieve for the times I can’t turn back
Be my home tonight

I desperately need your touch
Taste of younger days
on these lips of mine
Traces of our early love…
I won’t let my tears to wash away
Forever remember me

Is there any chance for me
to swim in your ocean of hope
Torrents brought me downstream,
I’m a drawning castaway too far from shore
Be my lighthouse now

Endless nights made days so pointless,
through the mist I can see nothing good
Far behind my strongest fears
lives true love that never dies, my dear
Priceless were our dawns

One day I will return
from this neverending journey,
Into your arms
When my mission’s over
and there’s no war left to fight in sight ahead


I’ve tasted everything, have been to heaven and to hell
And I know just well that life has kept the secret for the end
Wind doesn’t have a thousand horns in the darkness
Loneliness breaks the chains from off these brave wings
Clown keeps smiling, by the way he feels the pain

I’ll be flying tonight
High above no name castaway souls,
damn you all
Wind will follow, see you tomorrow
Fear won’t be home

Heaven’s gotta wait, for I decided not to leave
Homebound train doesn’t take me down the tracks of life in vain
‘Cause wind doesn’t have a thousand horns in the darkness
Loneliness breaks the chains from off these proud wings
Clown keeps smiling as they put him through the pain